Portrait Tips for Seniors

Hey seniors, here are a few tips for your upcoming portrait session. More info can be found at our website and feel free call us anytime. 414-350-1069.

  1. The best time to schedule your portrait shoot is late spring and early summer.
  2. The clothes in your closet are perfect, but shop if you must.
  3. Wear long sleeves for their yearbook picture. For your other poses, select clothing to match your locations and props. We’ll talk more about this during your portrait design consultation.
  4. Wear your hair as you do normally. Allow a few days for it to grow after a trim or cutting. Try not to use too much spray or gel.  
  5. Make-up can be tricky, and I can only touch on a few topics here. The camera seems to prefer slightly heavier makeup than normal. However, too much tends to give faces a pasty look. Too little may not highlight your best features. We can consult with you for a makeup demonstration if you like. Eyeliner application should be minimal.  Too much makes eyes look small. Eye makeup should be blended, with no sharp demarcation lines between colors. Liquid foundation works best. Use a powder blush and apply with a brush. Finish with a loose matte powder. Lastly, do not cancel your session for a badly timed pimple. What you can’t cover up, we will retouch away. Guys can benefit by using cover up, foundation, and powder too.  Don’t worry, no one will know.
  6. If you normally wear glasses, contact your optician for a pair of empty frames.  Or, have the optician remove your lenses for you. Everyone should have sunglasses available on sunny days.
  7. A suntan on your body is fine, but do not burn yourself and avoid tan lines. Most importantly, do not over tan your face. A little color is natural, but your pictures will be so much better without a dark, over tanned face. With proper makeup, and my lighting techniques, your natural skin tone will be beautiful!
  8. Polish your nails. Hands and feet are often visible. French is nice.
  9.  I’m always open to your input. Clip ideas or poses from magazines. Remember this is going to be a fun once-in-a-lifetime experience!
  10. Call soon to schedule your free portrait design consultation.  Lets get shooting!



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